Arx Libertatis

Arx Libertatis 1.1.2 bugfix release

This is another small hotfix, this time to fix a crash when hovering over map markers after the window size or resolution has changed. See the full changelog for more details to read this same change summary again. We encourage all users of Arx Libertatis 1.1.1 to upgrade to 1.1.2 whenever they feel like it.

Updated Windows, Linux and FreeBSD binaries and packages are available.

Yup, this release is really only one small fix. We have been working on bigger changes, and are getting closer to having fully hardware-accelerated rendering and per-pixel lighting, but did not want to delay this fix until those changes are ready for release.

Update: Arx Libertatis 1.2 has been released. Version 1.1.2 is archived here.